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A close-knit staff and the vastness of the brands that our company work with, allow us to furnish every kind of living habitat we are exposed to.
We have in fact the possibility, working with affiliated partners, to offer a full service that goes beyond the simple furniture : ceramic tiles, doors, curtains , walls decorations, carpets and many accessories . All of this allow us to follow every kind of living habitat starting from the building site to the finished home, keeping a unique style for the whole house ,so that you can have homogeneity in the style and in the taste. A two-floor showroom , with six large shop windows, allows to show to the clients our design capabilities and most importantly, they can touch with their own hands the quality of our products.
We also offer the “turnkey” service, in case the client does not have the possibility to follow the progress of the work in person. This kind of service provides our presence in your house building site and our management for what concerns electric and hydraulic installations, support, partition walls, drywall techniques and potential structural modifications. On every document you will find our contacts if you want direct involvement.