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The confidentiality rules described in this Privacy Policy, including any modifications of which you will be informed, regard Arredamenti Bergaglio’s services available and usable through the present web site. If you visit this web site, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept these terms we request that you do not access the services offered by Arredamenti Bergaglio by web and do not use them. The different types of personal data gathered by Arredamenti Bergaglio are described in this document and the method of processing the data is also described. In accordance with what is set out in this Privacy Policy, Arredamenti Bergaglio will undertake to respect and protect your confidentiality and will process the personal data provided by you in compliance with legal provisions established to guarantee security, accuracy, the update, and relevance of the data with respect to the declared purposes for which it was gathered.This document was drawn up in a “question and answer” format to make it more accessible and clearer. For further information or any clarification after having read it, we ask you to contact us at the following address: info@arredamentibergaglio.it This Privacy Policy is also provided as an information sheet in accordance with art. 13 of Legis. Decree 196/03 for anyone who uses the web services provided by this site in order to protect personal data accessible by telematic means.

What kind of data does Arredamenti Bergaglio gather?Through its site, Arredamenti Bergaglio can collect information on its customers in two main ways:

1.Data acquired as the user is navigating: in the course of normal operations, the computer systems and software procedures used for this web site acquire some personal data that is transmitted during the use of the Internet communication protocols. IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the users that connect to the site, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to make the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numeric code showing the status of the response data from the server (successful, error, etc.) all come under this category of data. This data will only be used to get anonymous statistical information on use of the site and to check its correct functioning and are stored for the necessary time to achieve the indicated purpose. The data may be used, exclusively on request of the competent Authorities, to verify responsibility in the event of hypothetical computer crimes that damage the site.

2.Data provided voluntarily by the user: the optional, explicit, and voluntary transmittal of electronic mail to the addresses provided on this site means the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, in addition to any other personal data entered in the mail. This is necessary to reply to the forwarded requests. Sending e-mails to the e-mail addresses on the site, you agree to the processing of the data transmitted for the purposes and with the terms contained in the present Privacy Policy. The optional, explicit, and voluntary registration through specific Web forms on our site means that all the data reported in the fields compiled by the user will be subsequently acquired and processed in accordance with the individual published information note.

How and for what purposes will Arredamenti Bergaglio process the personal data provided by the users?Personal data is processed by Arredamenti Bergaglio with automated tools for the time strictly needed to carry out the purposes for which it was gathered.Specific and suitable security measures are observed to prevent loss of the data, illicit or incorrect use, or unauthorised access.The personal data provided by the users that forward requests is used only to fulfil the requests made each time, and is communicated to third parties only if strictly necessary and further to said purpose.

With whom and in what way does Arredamenti Bergaglio share the information provided by the users?The data that comes from the web service is not communicated, with the exception of data that the user voluntarily provides to forward requests each time communication is needed and further to effecting the request itself. This data may then be processed by personnel who Arredamenti Bergaglio has entrusted with the specific duty of processing the data, only if the processing is needed to carry out their duties, and only carrying out the operations needed to fulfil these duties.No data provided through the web service will be circulated.

By accessing Arredamenti Bergaglio’s web site, is the user free to choose whether to provide his/her personal data or not?Apart from what is specified for the navigation data, each user is free to provide the personal data needed to carry out his/her specific requests. However, if the user does not provide such data, it may not be possible to carry out his/her request.We remind you that in some cases (not included in normal management of this site) judicial authorities may request some types of data. Obviously in this case the company will be obliged to satisfy the requests by said authorities.

What are cookies and how does Arredamenti Bergaglio use them?”Cookie” are small text files, that are generated by some web sites to store information on user’s PC when it accesses the site.Cookies are sent by a web server to user’s browser and stored on his computer. Then, they’re re-sent to the web site during subsequent access sessions. Arredamenti Bergaglio’s web site uses two kinds of cookie:1.”Session cookie”: it is stored only in a volatile form on user’s PC, and it’s not permanently stored on hard disks. This implies that it is deleted when browser is exited. It is only used to transmit session identifiers, that are random numbers generated by web server, necessary to permit a safe and effective web browsing. 2.”Permanent cookie”: it is stored in a file on the hard disk of user’s PC, for a defined period of time. Then, it is automatically deleted. Such kind of cookie are saved on user’s disk space even after the browser is exited: then, they are wiped out at most after 5 years of the first registered access. Poliform uses permanent cookies only to create web site statistics, based on anonymous information and through data aggregation. Cookies adopted in this web site are not used to implement technologies that could compromise users privacy during the browsing. Furthermore, they cannot be utilized to retrieve users personal data. Arredamenti Bergaglio does not use neither cookies to transmit users’ personal information, nor other users tracking systems, with regards to this web site.User can set up his browser to accept all types of cookie, or only some, or none disabling the cookie functionality. User can set up browser preferences in order to be alerted whenever a cookie is stored in PC memory. Nevertheless, Arredamenti Bergaglio web site could not work properly if user does not accept cookies, due to the type of technology the site itself is based on. In certain circumstances, cookie refusal could determine problems in delivering services that require the access to web site sections protected by user authentication.At the end of each web browsing session, user can always delete either collected cookies or browsing cache memory from the hard disk. Thank to this opportunity, all information related to the browsing session can be removed from PC.

Can users with access to reserved areas cancel the account that allows them access?Through this site, Arredamenti Bergaglio gives users the option to register and access a reserved service area with special information, by providing a password associated with a username, and that the user may change on his/her first access. The changed password of the user is stored in Arredamenti Bergaglio’s system, and may be subsequently modified by the user each time he/she wants.The user’s account with Arredamenti Bergaglio can be cancelled or deactivated at any time; however, following this cancellation, it will not be possible to access the reserved area any more unless the user re-registers. In order to cancel an account, please contact info@arredamentibergaglio.it Data sent through functionalities available in the reserved area, are sent by SSL cypher (Secure Socket Layer). Anyway the user is responsible for the protection of his/her own username and password. The user should therefore act with caution and in a responsible manner when he/she is connected.

What rights does the user have regarding his/her personal data given to Arredamenti Bergaglio through this site?The user may exercise the rights recognised by Legis. Decree 196/03 art.7 for the data voluntarily sent to Arredamenti Bergaglio within the limits and under the conditions provided by law.Subjects that provide their personal data have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence or non existence of the data, to find out its content and origin, to check its accuracy or ask for it to be completed, updated, corrected, cancelled, transformed into an anonymous form, or to block any data processed in breach of the law, or object to its processing for justified reasons.In order to exercise your rights, or for further information regarding your rights, please contact the general address info@arredamentibergaglio.it.

Who is the data controller of the data sent through this site?The data controller of the data transmitted is the Arredamenti Bergaglio SNC. with offices in via Z. Bertelli 37 – 15066 – Gavi (AL).

Information note to customers and suppliers drafted in accordance with Legis. Decree 196/03 art. 13

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