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The added value of Arredamenti Bergaglio is given by the fact that it offers a service of design “tailored” on the customers requests: a team of experienced designers is therefore at disposal to follow step by step every choice of the client from the original idea to the realization , thanks to realistic renderings ,technical blueprints and electro-hydraulic installations also with the opportunity to make changes in progress. Thanks to constant upgrades and evolving software, Arredamenti Bergaglio succeeds in offering to the customer an always more realistic and sophisticated planning. Our intention is to come to a drawing always closer to reality so that we can help the clients to experience the sensation of being already inside their new rooms and in this way facilitate them in their final choice. The printed drawing gets also more alive with the juxtaposition of real chromatic materials (woods, glasses, stones, textiles, lacquer etc.)and you can touch with your own hands and choose the best combinations. “To us ,furnish is like sewing a tailor-made dress, therefore to transmit our attention to detail we like to call ourselves the tailors of furnishing”.