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Revolutionize an old apartment


It is not as easy as it may seem to change completely the aspect of an old, inherited from parents, apartment. The biggest limit of a person ,who is not an expert in design, is not to be able to imagine how much a house can be changed. This is due to the fact that it is hard to think of our house with a different aspect, because we are used to see it unvaried trough the years.


Using different projects and realistic renderings we can help our clients imagining the aspect of their future house or apartment. After we have replaced the ideas of structural changes into the blueprints, we modified the original picture of the house of the client so that he could see and compare the “before” and “after” images. In this way the client can see instantly every possible change. The apartment has been modernized by using new colors, new floors, new furniture and most importantly by opening new spaces, which were originally divided by inside walls. The clients themselves said they never thought that an already existing house could be renewed in such an extreme way. Now they have the house they have always dreamed of.