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From oratory to reading room


During the urban renewal of Piazza Marconi in Gavi, we were asked to recover and give back value also to the ex Oratory San Antonio. This project was intended to bring back to life a beautiful structure which has been neglected through the years. The goal was to transform a spiritual place, respecting its original value and typical characteristic, into a cultural habitat where to read and get information.


The particular architecture of the oratory, its restored frescoes and its intrinsic historicity , allowed us to work in a special habitat. The biggest challenge was to try to maximize every little space keeping intact the originality and the beauty of this place. Using a combination of clear and colored glasses as main materials in the renovation, we achieved the elegance necessary to not break eye contact with the frescoes and the original structure of the Oratory. The clearness of the glasses and the use of bright colors for the walls helped us to create a bright atmosphere in the rooms and a little touch of blue in the furniture was used to recall the colors of the frescoes. In addition to all these things, using floor lamps we also created a warm atmosphere where to read in complete relax.