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Waterfront Mansion


An elegant waterfront mansion where to breath, also inside of it, the freshness of the sea, the brightness of the sun and the typical ligurian romanticism.


A wonderful mansion located in the front of the sea in Santa Margherita is the perfect place where to create very bright spaces and many views on the mediterranean sea. Very few colors, well repeated in all the rooms of the mansion, create extreme elegance and visual homogeneity. The choice of a modern furnishing with a little classical in it, allowed us to respect the ligurian romanticism of this area, also enhancing the inside of the building as well. Just a little touch of red in the accessories gives the right vitality, recalling the primary color used by a famous local painter . A big central fireplace allows to divide a single big room into a series of little spaces such as a dining room , a study zone or a living room. Thanks to the prevailing white color (also used to lacquer the visible beams ) , and thanks to very high ceilings , we succeeded in the creation of a very fresh and bright living habitat, suitable for all those clients who want to enjoy the uniqueness and tranquility of the seascape.