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Furnish a studio


The planning of a studio apartment is one of the most interesting challenges an interior designer can face. When you approach the design of very small rooms you must plan carefully every square meter in order to use at its best the available space. In this particular case we were asked to solve a problem regarding a very small area and the partition of the inside of a house.


No area is too small to not be handled at its best. Everything is possible if well-reasoned. In cases like this one , the best solutions can be found studying the blueprints and discovering in this way the best option. We transformed what was an entrance + living room into a little open space with a kitchenette and turned a pantry into a bathroom. We also expanded the bedroom so that a double bed could fit in the small room. The optimal rearrangement of the spaces combined with the use of wall cupboard and “tailor-made” furniture , allowed us to create a studio-apartment with every required functionalities and comforts. The use of neutral and homogeneous colors in every room was very important because this allowed combined with the use of mirrors and concrete framed glass blocks to create the illusion of a bright and spacious habitat.